Community Garden

We are privileged to have such wonderful gardens here at Allwood. We operate from an historic home in a large garden that was once the homestead for an orchard and cidery in Hurstbridge.

Set on 1.1 acres, our gardens have historical significance and have been described as feeling like a charming, wild botanical garden. With a mix of natives and introduced species our gardens are home to heritage listed Peppercorn trees and 2 spectacular Canary Island Palms.

Our gardens are publicly accessible 24/7 and are the perfect escape from the pace of the modern world; bring along a picnic to enjoy with friends, find a cosy spot to meditate, or walk the gardens and appreciate the natural world around you.

 Allwood also houses multiple wicking beds which are available for public use for season planting; if you have some extra veggie seedlings, come along and plant them, need some oregano for tonight’s dinner? Pop by and pick some. Just remember – only take a little so we can help a lot.

Our gardens are available for hire for many purposes; community activities, family gatherings, photoshoots, health and wellbeing classes, etc.

Come along to our fortnightly garden group to get involved or contact us for more information.