Covid Safe Plan

Our Covid Safe Plan

Business Name:                Allwood Neighbourhood Inc

Site Location:                     901 Heidelberg – Kinglake Road Hurstbridge 3099

Contact Person:                Stephanie Dallas – Manager

Contact Person Phone:  0435 751 651

Date Prepared:                 5/8/2020              Date Updated: 28/03/23


Guidance – Hygiene        Action to mitigate the introduction and spread of Covid 19         

Provide and promote hand sanitiser stations for use on entering building and other locations in the worksite and ensure adequate supplies of hand soap and paper towels are available for staff.

Action: Allwood has provided hand sanitiser and antibacterial wipes and placed promotional signs directing people to use hand sanitiser on entering the building and other locations in the building we have insured adequate supplies of liquid soap and paper towels are available for staff

Where possible enhance airflow by opening windows and adjusting air-conditioning. Doors to offices and other rooms utilised by staff to remain open.

Action: In areas or workplace where it is required ensure all staff where a face covering and/or required PPE, unless unlawful exception applies.

Ensure adequate face coverings and PPE are available to staff that do not have their own.

Action: When required, all staff and committee members must wear a face mask in the workplace, facemasks are available to staff.

Provide training to staff on the correct use and disposal of face coverings and PPE, and on good hygiene practices and slowing the spread of coronavirus (Covid – 19).  

Action: Staff have been trained on the correct use and disposal of facemasks and on good hygiene practice. Sanitisers and antibacterial wipes are available for use in all rooms.

Replace high touch communal items with alternatives.  

Action: Staff are to use their own containers for food and for drinks. All high touch items have been removed-antibacterial wipes available in all rooms including kitchen area.

Guidance – Cleaning       Action to mitigate the introduction and spread of Covid – 19

Increase environmental cleaning (including between changes of staff), ensure high touch services are cleaned and disinfected regularly (at least twice daily).            

Action: High touch surfaces are cleaned and disinfected several times throughout the workday. Appropriate signage in place.

Ensure adequate supplies of cleaning products, including detergent and disinfectant.

Action: Allwood has provided adequate supplies of cleaning

Name: Stephanie Dallas – Manager