Mediumship Presentations

Mediumship Presentations
With Joyce Lowman 0414 925 669
Dates: Sundays 25th July, 8th August & Sat 11th Sept Time: 2 – 4pm Cost: $50.00
Learn Mediumship
Transformational Psychic Healer
Facilitator: Joyce Lowman 0414 925 669
Date: Sunday 15th August 10am – 5pm
Cost: $150.00 (call for more information)
In this workshop you will learn to;
Prepare yourself for spirit communication.
Build foundations for good mediumship.
Learn to understand natural laws.
Become sensitive to messages from spirit world
Recognise how you perceive spirit communication
Distinguish between spirit vs your imagination
Trust your ability to receive spirit communication
Give evidence of the continuity of life
Nurture the gift of mediumship in your life.