Indian Myna Trapping

Pest Bird Management
Facilitator: Peter McCarthy 1300 665 657
Date: Saturday 14th September 1 – 3pm.
Cost: Gold coin donation to Allwood
The non chemical device driven pest management uses the Mini Myna Magnet Trap, which is a collapsible trap. The trap design to exact standards outlined after years of University Research & Development at the ANU.
It is a two chamber trap, which allows home owners to detach the “catch chamber” for euthanising off site.
The gradual deployment technique overcomes the cautious behaviour of the Indian Mynas around traditional traps.
It is durable and of heavy duty construction.
Peter has been involved in the commercial bird management for over 27 years and can provide you with the information, support and equipment needed to humanely control a variety of pest bird species including the common or Indian Myna.
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(Allwood House has traps available for hire)
The Indian Myna aggressively push nesting native animals from tree hollows, this has a disastrous impact on the environment.