Fermenting Masterclass

Fermenting Masterclasstim@creativecultures.com.auTutor: Tim McNeilly call/sms 0424 978 390. Date: Sunday 7th February (book via email)Cost: $230.00 –Full Day (10am -5pm) ($200.00 per person if you bring a friend)$145.00 -Half day (either am or pm)($125.00 per person if you bring a friend) Fermented Foodshave been consumed and worshiped by countless cultures around the world for 1000’s of years. These ancient, health promoting foods and drinks are packed with billions and billions of healthy, beneficial bacteria. These Probiotics promote and help restore health, and stimulate your immune system. In this class you will be introduced to numerous ferments from different regions of the world. Not only will you get to taste these deli-cious and nutritious foods and drinks, you will see how to make them. You will also receive the necessary cultures to get you going.(10am-1pm class) Beetroot Kvass, Sauer-kraut, Kimchi, Carrot/Ginger, Viili Yoghurt, Honey Mead, Tepache.(everyone gets a jar of Ferment Vegies and Viili Yoghurt Starter to take home)(2-5pm class)Water Kefir, Kombucha, Coconut Kefir & Coconut Kefir Yoghurt, Turmeric/Honey Ferment, Ginger Ferment, Shrub, Pear/Apple Cider.(everyone gets a Kombucha Scoby and Water Kefir Grains to take home