Drum Weaving and Birthing

Drum Weaving

Drum Weaving and Birthing A Sacred Circle of Creation and Connection
For more information or to register call Kate 0408580735 or email
Bring:a plastic bucket, sharp strong scissors, 2 old towels, lunch, dinner and snacks, drink, crystals or sacred items whose essence may be imbued, a comfortable length stick to make a drum beater. Materials & instructions provided for the head of your beater.
Take a walk in nature to find your beater stick. May it be long and comfortable to hold in rhythm, strong enough and finished or decorated in a way that brings meaning to you.
Allwood House is a beautiful old cottage with lovely garden and surrounds.
Saturday 18th September 2021
Allwood House
901 Main Road
Weave hide and hoop to make a drum in
Circle of Creation
Honouring each direction
Heart resounding in balance at the Centre
Finding gratitude for the Spirit of life and presence
In connection and reflection
Remembering natural rhythms
Cost: $260 for materials and
Deposit of $150 by 20th August to register your place.
A drum is a personal instrument and may be used for healing or jamming; to play alone or with others; to ground and relax; for the joy of expression and connection.
You will receive an invitation to join a monthly Sacred Drum Circle.