About Us

Allwood Neighbourhood House

Allwood Neighbourhood House is on Wurundjeri Country at Hurstbridge.

The organisation operates from an historic home in a large garden that was once the homestead for an orchard and cidery in Hurstbridge. Allwood Neighbourhood House is the custodian of local history collections and historic buildings; the old bank, lock up and dairy. Since 1985, Allwood.

Neighbourhood House has been providing educational, social, arts and wellbeing programs. Allwood Neighbourhood House has created opportunities for community engagement and participation through festivals and events with a strong focus on sustainability and protecting the environment. Allwood Neighbourhood House also has an Aboriginal Culture and Sustainability library collection and offers information and referral services and internet access.

Allwood Neighbourhood House is one of 400 Neighbourhood Houses in Victoria. Neighbourhood Houses use a community development framework to bring people together for social support, to learn skills and improve health and well-being. They are a place to connect on issues that matter to the community and build capacity to respond.



Key Focus Areas

Key focus areas for Allwood Neighbourhood House are:

  • Participation: we foster whole-of-community engagement and involvement
  • Inclusion: we value diversity and welcome all people
  • Social connection: we provide a safe space and opportunities for meaningful connection
  • Environmental sustainability: we value people, animals, and the planet
  • Reconciliation: we respect the culture and contribution of Indigenous peoples

Allwood Neighbourhood House is an Incorporated Association and registered charity. It is funded by the Department of Families, Fairness and Housing through the Neighbourhood House Coordination Program.

    Statement of Purpose

    The Purposes for which the Allwood Neighbourhood House Management  Committee Incorporated was established are as follows:

    1. Allwood Neighbourhood House operates for the benefit of the community using the facility where they meet in good fellowship in order to improve quality of life.
    2. Research the social and cultural needs of the community and take steps to meet them.
    3. Provide social, recreational, self-help and other support activities and services to the local community in a comfortable and friendly environment.
    4. To provide an open access information, resource and referral services to the local community.
    5. Develop facilities and resources in order to provide education, training, personal development and income generation opportunities for the community, particularly those who are disadvantaged.
    6. To encourage community involvement in the activities, management and directions of Allwood Neighbourhood House.
    7. To operate, develop and promote Allwood’s activities and provision of community services at a local level.