The Greenheart Trust

Self Efficacy – Sustainability – Connection – Unity – Love – Peace – Creativity
Allwood House Inc. has recently agreed to auspice the Trust for the
development of a community garden space. The Greenheart Vision is to
foster self esteem and creativity of individuals and communities.
Greenheart seeks to promote positive health & well being and
environmentally sustainable living to cultivate harmonious connections
within communities.
We are seeking expressions of interest for people who want to
involved in this exciting new sustainability project.

Call out for Community Artists

The Allwood House Committee are calling for expressions of interest from
emerging Artists and Crafts people to exhibit their works in our community
Shoppe space.
The idea is for artists to have an opportunity to display and sell artworks and have
meaningful interaction with the wider community.
Artists and Crafts people will be able to use the space for art exhibitions for 4 – 6
weeks approx. at a community commission rate.
Come and look at the space and discuss the possibilities with our friendly staff.
The Shoppe is open every Tuesday, most Saturdays and whenever the big banner
is displayed.
If you would like more information about the space, please contact the Allwood
House Office on 9718 2717.